I’m a 36 year old writer from the greater Seattle area. I enjoy events like NaNoWriMo and have always wanted to share some of my tips about writing as well as my writing itself.

I love the horror genre in all its permutations, dark music, oil painting, old survival-horror video games, fashion I could never afford, and I’m very slowly getting passable at French and German.

I’ve worked in the video game industry, an art history department, an art gallery, teaching children animation, and cleaning up after filthy art students. Besides writing I also make comics, develop indie games, and curate my horribly unwieldy mp3 collection.

I live with my boyfriend, and my cat, Hecubus.

I mostly only use WordPress right now but I repost to Tumblr. I have a Twitter but there’s literally nothing on it. Let me know if you’d like me to link to new blog entries there. Couldn’t find a cute way to embed my NaNoWriMo profile, but here it is!