Besides just tutorials, I wanted to include updates on my writing projects here. This month I’m drafting a project for Camp NaNoWriMo called the Chalice. I actually titled a previous project ‘The Chalice’ but decided it suited this story better, since it actually has a, you know, chalice featured in it. This is the story I’ve been including examples of in my previous posts. I had the (un?)fortunate timing to decide to feature the Bubonic plague in a story at this particular moment in history. I had the idea for this story last year so it was strangely prescient, I guess. It’s a vampire story that will follow multiple characters over centuries, and my first serious attempt at historical settings. Normally I do faux-historical settings, or keep it incredibly vague. My goal is to write legitimately scary vampires, while maintaining the dark romance that people enjoy about them.

Something new I did, compared to my other stories, is develop several different characters that I could switch to. I don’t normally write flashbacks, but I plan to ‘time-travel’ to interesting points in time, giving me a lot of places to go when I get stuck. I frequently have a problem of writing under my goals, so this should give some room for buffer. I’ll post a sample later on.